Inside INK: March 2018 Construction Update



Last month we celebrated the completion of INK’s highest point with a Topping Off Ceremony. If you weren’t able to tune in to our live broadcast feel free to check out the quick recap here.

There is so much going on inside the building now. Read on for a floor-by-floor summary:

Rooftop – East View


  • Parkade – The elevator will be arriving in the next month. Once it has been assembled and installed the team can begin finishing work throughout the parkade (lights, paint, storage lockers, etc.)
  • Main Floor – The team is currently focused on the tower above before completing more of the main floor.
  • 2nd Floor –Kitchen and bathroom cabinets have been installed. Ducting and venting is going in. Finishing carpenters are putting trim up around doors.
  • 3rd Floor – Mudding and taping is complete and the walls have been primed

    2nd floor – Kitchens and venting installation

    (sanded and first coat of paint). Cabinets have been delivered and will be installed shortly.

  • 4th Floor – Drywall has been hung and the team is mudding and taping all the seams. There is now power in each suite (currently being used for space heaters).
  • 5th Floor – Drywall is going in. Check out the image of the Roxul insulation used in the party wall system between units. This is the highest STC (Sound Transmission Class) rating insulation on the market!
  • 6th Floor – Drywall is being installed and the floor is up next for City inspection before moving onto the next phase.
  • 7th Floor – Rough-ins are going on and electricians are pulling wires through walls. Drywall has started being hung.
  • 8th Floor – The team is just finishing framing in the walls on this floor with steel studs.
  • 9th Floor – Chalk lines have been drawn on the floor delineating where the walls will be in and between units. Steel studs will be installed on those lines next.
  • 10th Floor – windows are in and the floor is all sealed. Tidying is in progress as the team gets ready to start laying out walls.
  • 11th Floor – The team is prepping and installing windows.
  • 12th Floor – Windows have been delivered and are waiting for install.

    Rooftop – Planters being installed

  • 13th Floor – Fan coils are being mounted on the ceilings.
  • 14th Floor – Plumbing is being installed.
  • Rooftop – The roof is being sealed with a hot rubber roof system. This is the best system available and is perfect for sky-high gardens like INK’s. The gardens planters are being formed from plywood with concrete coming next.


Things are still on track for completion of INK late Summer / early Fall this year!