November 2017 Construction Update


Last week we had the opportunity to visit the INK construction site. After our safety orientation and suiting up with hard hats, high-vis vests, and steel-toed boots Simon Battistella escorted us throughout the building.

We started on the 6th floor and walked through the site to the parkade. We made sure to take plenty of photos so keep scrolling to take part in the tour.


Simon Battistella, Paul Battistella, Chris Pollen, Renee Netzel

Electrical installed prior to concrete pour.

Simon Battistella & Chris Pollen

Close up of the INK crane

Crane bringing rebar up to the 6th floor.

Working on the elevator shaft.

Touring floor 4. North West side of INK.

Exposed concrete ceilings.

Busy on the 3rd floor.

Main floor commercial space.

Parkade: P2 level.

View from 408. Last two bedroom one bath remaining at INK.

View from 607. Only the 12th and 13th floor available.

Until next time.