September 2017 INK Construction Update


There’s no more looking down at the INK site (unless you’re the crane operator reading this) because we are headed upwards!

Another exciting milestone has been reached at INK; the second floor has officially been constructed.

This level is a major structural element and known as a transfer slab (or if you prefer, a SUPER SLAB). The transfer slab creates a solid base, like a table-top, to transfer the weight and support the tower above.

There are some particular characteristics that make a transfer slab unique.  At almost a meter thick it is more than 3x the depth of the rest of INK’s slabs. It took quite some time to prepare because the team had to load and secure 150 tonnes of steel rebar, which is also more than 3x the amount in a normal level. The concrete took all day on Saturday, September 16th to pour (approximately ten hours).

As you can see from the picture above, the shape of the tower is now visible and beginning to form. Scaffolding will be erected shortly to start constructing the third floor. Keep an eye on the sky!