Packing up the Holiday Decor: How and Where to Store it All

The presents have been opened, the eggnog’s been drunk, and now it’s time to pack up the holiday decor. But, living in a small space, where does it all go?

We asked local small space design expert, Sylvia Daoust from Niche reDesign to give us some pointers. Read her advice below!

Guest blog entry by Sylvia Daoust!

It’s time to get festive and dig out the holiday decorations.  But wait, which box did you store the wreath and outdoor items in?

How much time will you spend “digging” this year?  Every year my Christmas decorations accumulate, so making the most out of my small storage room is important.  I re-evaluate the items that are kept in these few bins, and not everything makes the cut.  The “old” and damaged items go first. After that, there are always a few pieces that land at Goodwill for someone else to enjoy.

While most of us love decorating for the holiday season, not many of us look forward to packing it all away after such a busy time of year. Tossing a few items into the storage room and quickly closing the door may seem like an easy solution, but properly storing this year’s Christmas decor will make next year’s decorating a more joyous affair.

10 Tips for successfully storing your holiday decorations and supplies.
  1. Use clear storage bins that stack well and number them.

  2. Sort and store like with like, keeping items you normally display together in one box.

  3. Use an empty coffee can to wrap light strings around. Store extra bulbs inside and slit the lid to put the receptacle end through.

  4. Try a few empty egg cartons to store small, fragile ornaments.

  5. Recycle segmented cardboard (liquor box inserts) and place in bins to separate delicate items (don’t forget to wrap with tissue).

  6. Make an “open first box” with items you typically need early in the season, such as cards and table settings.

  7. Put together a “toolbox” to store holiday essentials, such as tape, scissors, ribbon, and ornament hooks.

  8. Create a custom gift-wrap center using a long under bed box. Store wrapping paper, ribbon, and tags all in one handy bin.

  9. If you like to keep a good supply of wrap rolls, try this inventive solution featured in which utilizes vertical space like magic!

  10. This Holiday Supplies Storage Hamper provides an organized location for all of your wrapping needs, and it’s portable.

If you are a creature of habit, take a few photos after your home is decorated to remind you how and where you displayed your treasures. Before you head out to purchase extra wrapping supplies, take inventory of what you have leftover from last year’s wrapping station.  It’s no fun to dive into this holiday task with a few partial rolls of paper, and only a hand full of tags!

Good luck packing!

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Happy New Year everyone!

Erin @ Battistella