May 2017 INK Construction Update

Look up. Look WAAAY up…

INK’s crane was installed on Saturday, May 6th and now stands proud at 160 feet above site!

The installation took all day and included multiple delivery trips, two mammoth Mammoet cranes, and many hard working hands. This crane will be kept very busy over the next 12 months as INK is sculpted from the ground up.

If you’re a little bummed you missed seeing the installation in person, don’t worry, you can catch the exciting parts of the day in this short recap video here.

On another note, we have dug out the entire three stories of parkade. The team is now busy pouring footings which consist of concrete reinforced with rebar and are an important part of INK’s foundation.

Now that we have reached the bottom of the parkade, the excavator’s term at INK is coming to an end. You may ask, “how does the excavator get out of the hole?” Well, that is an exciting milestone for another day.

Stay tuned to our Facebook page shortly for the answer.


Battistella Developments